Business Law

The world of business law can be complicated and involves a wide range of areas of practice. From litigation to formation of a business, there is more to running a business than many realize. Some of the areas you may need legal help in the business world might include but not limited to the following:

  • Contracts and Licensing
  • Negotiations and Mediation
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Business Formation
  • Breach of Contract
  • Contract Drafting
  • Business Litigation
  • Real Estate Issues
  • BOLI
  • Equipment Leasing
  • General Business Advice and Guidance

The complexities involved in Business Law means that you should have an experienced attorney that is familiar with your business and the law. It is best that you establish a relationship with an attorney before you need legal representation. Similar to retaining an accountant you should establish that relationship before you need to file a tax return. Attempting to hire an attorney for a business legal matter at the last hour is not a situation you want to be in when you need to focus in running your business. No one wants to hire an attorney unless you absolutely need to, however, as a business owner you are required to comply with many laws. The law expects you to know what laws apply to you and your business and is unforgiving for not knowing. When starting a business it is highly recommended to meet with an attorney to obtain guidance as to what laws will apply to you—especially when you start employing others to work for you, whether it be direct employees or contractors.

At Bobadilla Law we work with our business clients to avoid roadblocks. Our job is to always be on the defense and help our clients plan ahead to avoid roadblocks that can take valuable time away from running their business. If our business clients thrive so does our business. We want to see our client’s succeed.

Additionally, Ms. Bobadilla is a native Spanish speaker. She is able to facilitate immigrant owned businesses and to help companies that want to engage in talks with companies that are owned by immigrants – or those in other countries. As a result, you receive a level of representation that ensures clear communication throughout the process. Communication is a key element in today’s business world, and language barriers can cause roadblocks.

Having an attorney that is familiar with how you conduct business early on is very important to avoiding unnecessary legal disputes. The earlier you build a relationship with an attorney the better for your business in the long run because then you will have a legal team that is ready to help you when you need it. Contact our office to see how we can help you.

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