Personal Injury

Being injured in an accident that is caused by someone else is one of the most frustrating and difficult experiences you can go through.  Recovery takes a long time, and when you factor in the financial burden that medical bills and lost wages bring it becomes clear that there is more to healing than just medical care.

At Bobadilla Law, PC we help injured people that are involved in all types of accidents—from small to catastrophic accidents.  Most tragedies start small. Whether the accident is a small fender bender or one that results in a love one dying,  we are here to help you with the stressful process and legal ramifications.

At Bobadilla Law, we handle all kinds of personal injury cases including:

  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Auto Accidents
  • Trucking Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Train Accidents
  • Wrongful Death Cases
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Diminished Value Claims
  • Personal Injury Protection Denial Claims
  • and much more…

Being involved in an accident is not as simple as it appears. Insurance claims can become difficult and confusing very quickly.  It is to your best interest to hire an attorney that has knowledge fighting with insurance companies and is current with today’s laws.

An accident can cause financial ruin in a very short time period of time. It can result in losing income, having a vehicle destroyed, and facing significant medical bills.  All this can have a tremendous impact on one’s life, and cause much stress.

It’s important to obtain help from a legal professional because personal injury law is complex. Insurance companies will try to claim you are at fault or partially at fault whenever possible.

At Bobadilla Law, if you need to speak directly to your attorney, Ms. Bobadilla makes herself available.  This means that from start to finish, you will be able to talk with your attorney who is handling your case.  Ms. Bobadilla will communicate with you via skype, email, texting, phone, or in person. At Bobadilla Law, we stay up to date with current trends in communication.  We use technology to avoid communication barriers and to stay in touch with our clients—however, we still believe in the old fashion way of doing business—in person.

Your attorney is your best ally during the process of recovering from an injury.  An attorney can help you navigate the complex insurance laws, state laws, and provide advice as to what is the best course of action in your situation and inform you of your rights.   For example, if you are hit by a person that has no insurance, your insurance company will not tell you that you have a claim for pain and suffering.  At Bobadillaw Law, PC we do not get paid unless we obtain a compensation for you.  We provide free consultations and will discuss with you what options are available to you.

Free Consultation

With Bobadilla Law, PC you will have direct and continual access to attorney Melissa Bobadilla. This means you have expert legal assistance from the very first day, to the conclusion of your legal matters. Contact us and schedule a free consultation at a time that is convenient for you.

You can call her anytime or stop by the office without a scheduled appointment.