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Fighting for the Rights of People,

Not Companies.

Making it right one person at a time.


Don’t Compromise Your Legal Rights, Get Professional Help!

At Bobadilla Law PC, we are professional, reputed, and reliable personal injury attorneys. We serve the people of Oregon.


Our past clients live in Hillsboro, Forest Grove, Beaverton, Gresham, Sandy, Portland, Bend, and throughout Oregon. In our office, we focus on building relationships with our clients, allowing us to develop deep insight into your personal injury case. Clients seek us for our bilingual skills, legal leadership, depth of expertise and the bold and enduring quality of our legal work.  We take it seriously that clients’ trust us to solve their legal problems and to ensure that they are being treated right, fairly, and not abused by the power of the corporations or others.

Whether you encounter a catastrophic accident or are a victim of a motor vehicle crash or have been injured because of a medical procedure, we are here to help you. Hiring an attorney to handle your case relieves a lot of the stress that comes with being a victim.  We will help you hold companies and people accountable for their actions. We understand how difficult and uncertain this time can be, we are here to provide answers. We will do everything that we can to obtain a successful outcome. 

Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A personal injury can derail your entire life and prove extremely stressful. Personal injuries can be emotional, physical, and/or mental. Most injuries that are devastating are not visible. These types of situations result in medical bills and lost wages amounting, a vehicle needing to be repaired or it being a total loss, and possibly a permanent disability.   

Usually the person that hurt you is insured, this means they are represented by an insurance company.  Insurance companies do not have to educate you with regards to your legal rights. Their primary concern is to save money and to pay out as little as possible on a claim.  

Dealing with insurance companies, even your own insurance company, is often overwhelming, distressing and frustrating.  It is important that you know your legal rights.  Not all cases need the assistance of a lawyer, however, an insurance company, an insurance agent, or a third party is not required to educate you with regards to your legal rights. Insurance companies make it as difficult as possible to pay the actual value of the claim. For this reason, consulting a professional and experienced personal injury lawyer is in your best interest.

Established, Trustworthy, Honest and Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Oregon

With Bobadilla Law PC, you have an established, trustworthy, honest, and experienced personal injury attorney on your side. We fight for 'YOU” and not for an insurance company or other third party.  Our only client is ‘You’ who hires us.  We are accountable to you and not to anyone else.  

We have experience working with clients in different types of personal injury matters, including:

Our Approach towards Handling

Personal Injury Cases

At Bobadilla Law PC, one of our main principles is to get to know our clients.  Not only will the attorney working on your case get to know you but also all of the team working at Bobadilla Law, PC.  We are known among our community for having an attorney/client driven approach due to the way we handle our client’s legal matters.  Lawsuits are sometimes necessary because they result in powerful and impactful messages that cannot be ignored by the wrong doers.  State laws and insurance companies’ policies change because of lawsuits that are filed. 

We focus on removing any barriers in communication and listen to your side of the story with empathy, understanding, and compassion. At Bobadilla Law, we pride ourselves with having ongoing communication for complete transparency.  All of our clients are treated with respect and dignity.  We understand that you are going through a difficult time which has been caused by someone else’s doing.  At Bobadilla Law, we ease the stress you are going through by handling your personal injury claim while at the same time taking the necessary steps to obtain justice for you and/or your loved one. 

Bobadilla Law PC puts in the hard work required to prepare your case, offering an honest evaluation of the situation and working to obtain the best outcome for your situation.  This means that when you hire Bobadilla Law, PC you hire us for the long term.  We do not take short cuts because we handle all cases as if they are going to go to trial so we are ready for when the case does go to trial.  We are known for taking cases other law firms do not because we want to make change.  Whether your case takes six months or six years, we are there standing by you, shoulder to shoulder, every step of the way.  Our law practice is driven by bringing wrong doers to justice.  We are trial attorneys, that is what we know how to do great because that is what we do every day. 

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