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Bobadilla Law welcomes you to drop in during business hours, even without an appointment. Or you can arrange for an appointment before or after business hours.

Personal Injury Claims

We represent those who have been injured at the fault of others in automobile accidents, bicycle accidents, trucking accidents, wrongful death Lawsuits, dog Bites, and more.

Immigration Issues

We help many through the complex, and constantly changing immigration process. Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals, Visas, Green Cards, Citizenship matters, and more.

Business Law Matters

The business world can be a very complicated place, we provide legal services in areas of Employer Assistance and BOLI Compliance Issues.

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Providing prompt and professional services is a hallmark of our firm.

When facing a legal matter or when you are in need of legal advice, it can be difficult to know where to turn. This can be a stressful and overwhelming time. However, it is important to know your rights and obligations. For this reason it is important that you work with an attorney that will make himself or herself accessible to you to guide you through the process.

Bobadilla Law, PC’s main office is located in Beaverton, Oregon and it is different from many law firms; you will notice this from the moment you step into the office. When you need to talk with your attorney, you can call her anytime or stop by the office without a scheduled appointment.

At Bobadilla Law, PC we pride ourselves in helping our clients. We know that what we do affects people’s lives. How a case is worked from the beginning makes a difference in the outcome of the legal issue, which ultimately affects our client’s lives. Ms. Bobadilla has been helping clients throughout Oregon, the United States, and abroad. Ms. Bobadilla represents people in personal injury matters, immigration issues, and business matters. Bobadilla Law, PC is different from the rest. Ask our clients. » Meet Melissa Bobadilla

Open Door Policy at Bobadilla Law, PC

At Bobadilla Law, PC you will meet and deal with the attorney Melissa Bobadilla. You will be able to keep continuous contact with her. The office has an open door policy. Our office keeps regular business hours and if you need an earlier or later appointment we can work with you to accommodate your schedule. At Bobadilla Law, PC we will be helpful, we will treat you with respect, and we will be honest with you about your legal matter.

Free Consultation

With Bobadilla Law, PC you will have direct and continual access to attorney Melissa Bobadilla. This means you have expert legal assistance from the very first day, to the conclusion of your legal matters. Contact us and schedule a free consultation at a time that is convenient for you.

You can call her anytime or stop by the office without a scheduled appointment.

Your Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’v been in a car accident, personal injury due to equipment malfunctioning, or immigration questions call for a FREE Consultation: 503-496-7500

Bobadilla Law, PC believes in treating clients like individuals instead of like another number in our case docket.  Our clients come first.  We believe that by taking care of our client first everything else will fall into place.  It is important to find someone that you can trust whenever you are facing legal matters, and in these situations it can often be hard to know who to turn to. The stress can build up quickly and leave you struggling to deal with the legal issues you are facing. That’s why finding an attorney that you can trust and connect with is important.

Located in Beaverton, Oregon, Bobadilla Law sets itself apart from other law firms in numerous ways. It begins with our open door policy.  If you need to speak with Ms. Bobadilla, you will be able to speak with her directly.  For this reason Bobadilla Law, PC does not provide a general law practice.  Everyone at Bobadilla Law is familiar with your case and is here to help you with your legal matters.

We also take great pride in providing the highest level of support for our clients. We understand that our actions go beyond the courtroom and affect the lives of our clients, and that working a case properly from start to finish is the key to getting the best possible result.  From the beginning we start off working hard for you and do not stop until the case is closed.  No matter how small or difficult the legal problem may be when we agree to represent you we commit to helping you all the way.  At Bobadilla Law we work as a team to move your case.

Ms. Bobadilla is a native Spanish speaker which allows her to speak directly with clients that prefer to conduct business in Spanish. She has experience in helping clients throughout Oregon and the rest of the country, and can help with a wide range of personal injury law cases and other legal issues. Whether it’s a pedestrian accident or auto accident, a death matter, or even an immigration issue, we can help.

At Bobadilla Law, everyone in the team can relate with a client in one manner or another. All of us at Bobadilla Law have personal experience with the law touching and impacting our personal lives or our loves ones—whether it be because of an immigration issue, a business legal matter, or a personal injury situation.

We believe there is a difference between a lawyer that treats their clients like people and one who views them just as a case number, you will see and feel the difference at Bobadilla Law.  Your experience will be different from when you first walk into our office.  At Bobadilla Law we have personal experience being involved in injury cases, dealing with insurance companies, denials, immigration, and business issues. This level of compassion is something that sets us apart from other attorneys and law offices handling personal injury or immigration law.  Our clients are treated with integrity, respect, and compassion.