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 Expert Personal Injury Lawyer

Melissa Bobadilla is a professional, reputed and experienced personal injury lawyer, born and raised in Yakima Valley in Washington State and has lived in Oregon for over 20 years.

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Licensed Personal Injury Lawyer

Melissa has a license to practice in Oregon and the United States District Court for the District of Oregon. She is a member of the following organizations,

Oregon Trial Lawyers Association

American Association for Justice

American ​Immigration Lawyers Association

Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber

Bicycle Transportation Alliance

Her Experience as a Personal Injury Lawyer

Her primary focus is handling personal injury cases, representing people injured due to someone else’s fault. She handles cases related to car crashes, bike accident, and catastrophic injury.  

She has practiced in the area of personal injury since graduating from law school. While in law school, she clerked for a plaintiff’s law firm and a defense law firm. This helped her gain experience on how each side works and handles a case.


As an experienced trial attorney, she has represented numerous clients in personal injury matters. She is the founder of Bobadilla Law, PC, which she established with the sole purpose of helping people not the insurance companies, and helping victims receive justice by using the legal system.  

As an empathic and compassionate personal injury lawyer, Melissa Bobadilla places herself in the client's shoes. She has an in-depth understanding of the pain and challenges people face when dealing with injury, trauma, and loss. With her extensive and diverse experience, she identifies the best course of action for her clients if the case requires more expertise, Melissa co-counsels with other attorneys to assist with specialized areas/needs that may arise in the client’s case.

Melissa does not claim to know every area of law that is why she practices only in the area she is excels at. She also gets to know all of her clients because she believes that successful representation requires knowing the client’s story.  This requires personal contact with her. 

Client-Centered Approach

She works exclusively for individual clients and not for insurance companies. With her client-centered approach, she brings maximum comfort and compensation to her clients, who are in dire need. She fights for the rights of victims in the courtroom and does not let insurance companies or others exploit them. She prides herself in giving a voice to her clients.   

Experienced in Dealing with Business-Related Cases

Bobadilla also deals with cases related to business. Her experience in business started through the interest of her former clients seeking her for legal advice in this area of the law. Melissa has a reputation for conducting skillful negotiations to achieve the best result for her business clients. She makes it a personal mission to get to know her clients’ line of business.

Educational Background

Melissa has a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Spanish from the Pacific Lutheran University. She obtained her Master's Degree in Spanish from the University of Oregon before going to law school at Lewis & Clark Law School. Melissa maintained a job throughout attending college. Due to this, she has a strong work ethic from a young age.

Prior Experience 

Before starting her practice as a personal injury lawyer, she worked in multiple jobs, which polished her communication and people skills. She learned the art of understanding people's problems through her various jobs.

As she belongs to an immigrant family, she worked in different agricultural jobs, such as picking/cutting cherries, apples, pears, asparagus, and grapes. Her other work experiences include working in restaurants, banking, retail industry, and property management.  She also worked for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, including working for McDonald’s and Bank of America as well as teaching Spanish at the college level.

Melissa’s Personal Life and Interests

Melissa enjoys educating the community about the legal system and their legal rights.  She enjoys living in Oregon and loves to be outdoors as much as possible while appreciating Oregon’s beauty.  Melissa and her husband embark on a physical challenge every year to keep themselves mentally and physically fit, like biking century rides, rock climbing, and hiking around Bend and the Gorge.  

Melissa and her husband also enjoy Latin dancing. It is in their blood, and a tradition Latinos tend to pass onto their children. They are Oregon Duck fans, and NFL Steeler and Seahawk Fans. Melissa is fluently bilingual in Spanish, i.e., she reads, speaks, and writes in the language fluently.

Facing personal injury challenges?

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