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Are you a victim of medical negligence?

Doctors and healthcare facilities are meant to provide one with medical care to protect and improve one’s health. They are not suppose to worsen one’s health or medical condition. Unfortunately, in the USA, medical negligence is one of the significant causes of injury and deaths. Statistics show that medical negligence in hospitals is increasing as doctors in the hospitals are under pressure about seeing a higher number of patients per day in order to meet profit goals.  Proper medical care and health treatment of patients is becoming a volume business for hospitals and large clinics.  This results in short cuts being taken and minimal face to face patient/doctor contact In order to meet facility quotas and/or business financial goals.  

According to the reports of the National Practitioner Data Bank (US Department of Health and Human Services), in 2017, nearly $3,925,073,250 was paid for the claims of medical malpractices. The total amount paid in claims of medical malpractices in Oregon was about $62,239,300. With the increasing number of practitioners 

If you or a loved one has been a victim of medical negligence and malpractice, immediately contact Bobadilla Law, PC.  We can answer questions that you may have regarding the process and assist you with making the legal claims. 

Why You Need Professional Attorney in Oregon for Medical Malpractice Trial?

Medical malpractice cases are the most complicated kind of personal injury cases to deal with. There are different reasons for this. If you or your loved one is a victim of medical malpractice it can become difficult for you to fight the claims on your own because;

The medical malpractice cases incur high expenses.

The insurance companies and hospitals will fight the medical malpractice claims with full strength.

Unfortunately, in some cases, it is difficult to prove the kind of medical malpractice committed.


In general, there are two kinds of medical malpractices. One is when the practitioner does a wrongful act or gives the wrong treatment. Second is when the practitioner fails to provide the standard level of care and treatment required to treat the problem. This second type is more difficult to prove.

Why Choose Bobadilla Law PC

At Bobadilla Law PC, we are proficient, knowledgeable, and experienced in handling different kinds of medical malpractice cases. Bobadilla Law is dedicated to pursue justice and get maximum compensation for you. When you contact us, we carefully listen to you and evaluate your case on its own merits. 

After a thorough investigation and detailed assessment, we give you information about the available legal options and move towards action. With our in-depth understanding of the medical malpractice laws, we provide actionable legal advice and strong professional advocacy. 

If you are suffering due to medical malpractice, do not wait until it gets worse. Get in touch with us now to get the most favorable outcomes for your case and get your rightful compensation!

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