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Giving Back

The team at Bobadilla Law, PC is dedicated to making the community in which we live and work better.  Some of the organizations we support through donating our time and/or resources are: 

The legal profession is known for being a business that is paper intensive.  We strive to make our office as green as possible and run our office with sustainable practices.  We use the latest technology in a manner to help us protect the environment.  For example, we use technology to reduce unnecessary waste which includes upgrading our computers often, as old computers use up a lot of energy.  We have energy efficient lightning throughout our suite.  Our clients can email or text documents to our office in lieu of dropping off paper copies.  We also scan document instead of making unnecessary copies.  We receive faxes via online instead of paper, we turn off our computers when not in use-even during the lunch time and every day when we leave the office, we recycle our office Nespresso pods, and work with a recycle company that reuses the paper we recycle and shreds it into toilet paper!  We are strong believers that small actions amount to big changes.  We are always looking for ways to reduce our footprint. 

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